Renovations & Alterations

Roofing & Guttering

At Renovate Me, we are specialists in installation and servicing of roofs and gutters. We have the best tradies with impeccable craftsmanship who provide quality service. We are specialists in our area of work and can renovate, restore and install new roofs.

We bring valuable information about the nature of work and provide our clients with a plan and detailed approach to complete a job. Our contractors are professionals with quality workmanship and expertise knowledge of the trade.

It is important to inspect gutters regularly for a well-maintained roof. Healthy gutters and downpipes are a key to roof maintenance. We specialise in fixing new gutters, gutter seam repair, gutter replacement and other gutter installations. Our specialists will inspect the area, identify the problem and provide a solution at a reasonable price.

For all your roofing and guttering needs, call Renovate Me.